How News Media Providers Have Changed Courtesy of the Internet


The means by which people are able to obtain information has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. Before the development of the internet, anyone looking for the most interesting news or the latest stories about the economy, politics, or science had to depend on print media, radio, and television. But today, you may not even have to get out of bed or “compromise” the comfort of your couch to catch up with the latest news, and that’s because internet-enabled devices such as smartphone provide a gateway to the most popular news sites, blogs, and other online news platforms.

Over the course of the 20th century, attention gradually shifted from newspapers to radio before switching to TV. With every transition, the previous form of media was rendered slightly more irrelevant. Regardless of the changes in relevance that different kinds of media may experience at particular times in history, the major conclusion from such is that the masses will always give precedence to media that delivers information fastest and in the most convenient fashion, and they’ll easily accept any emerging technology that does not stand in their way.  Be sure to visit this website at and know more about newspaper articles.

It’s true that TV, radio, and newspapers are still not obsolete today, but these are not anymore the number one source of the latest news to many people around the world, although these are more credible. The internet–social media sites and blogs to be specific, has shown the ability to supply news and information to the masses in real-time. Yet, the public expects news to flow exactly that way today–in real time.

Many members of the public nowadays follow the main news outlets on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to obtain the most recent news. As such, people don’t want until prime time news on TV or tomorrow’s newspaper to know what’s going on locally and around the world. It’s not been easy for conventional media outlets to match this demand for real time news.

Today, methods of delivering news have changed, and media outlets have had to change too. Traditionally, reporters and journalists would supply information that’s extensively researched and fact-checked to guarantee accuracy. But these professionals at face the challenge of delivering information as quickly as possible before the blogs render them outdated. The real challenge lies in how these news media outlets can deliver information in real-time without compromising on accountability, accuracy, and quality.

As such, where do you obtain your up-to-date, interesting news? Definitely, you can always depend on web-based sources for real time stories, especially if you’ve got in mind a few outlets, blogs, or websites at that are trusted.


This is How Social Media has Transformed News Today


The digital landscape buoyed by a strong internet penetration across the globe has changed the way things are done in many areas of our social-economic life, including marketing and media. When you’re in the habit of reading interesting news every day, chances that you have sources other than your TV or the local newspaper. And that’s made possible by the many digital news organizations that exist online today that continue to rely heavily on social media to tell their stories and engage their audiences. Therefore, social media keeps playing a significant part in the way media companies publish and distribute their news content in various forms, for example articles and videos.

Where Has Social Media Obtained the Power to Dictate the Way News is Dispersed?

Mainstream media outlets can’t do without social media, and the primary cause of this is that social networking sites today are the most popular web destinations. So, anyone that writes news stories for a living may not reach you unless they’re targeting you on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is desirable if you like convenience as essential news finds you on your most preferred online destination, and you do not have to always search for Eastern Daily News using Google.

Social Media Users are Involved in News

One interesting thing about news obtainable through social media is that it allows participation by users in numerous ways. Some research has shown that half of social media users, such as Facebook, are involved in the sharing of news items in the form of images, articles, and videos. In addition, close to half of social media members have discussed news stories through comments, tweets, or likes.  For more facts about infographics, visit this website at

Yet, there’s even smaller fraction of social media members that are covering their own news content and publishing it via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. This kind of participation has been responsible for the propagation of news that has eventually gone viral, including stories on riots and natural calamities.

Can a User Rely on Social Media for Timely Breaking News?

The answer to that question is not a straightforward yes or no. Firstly, social networking sites are not news websites by design, and media outlets put their news first on their websites before promoting them via social media. But if you’re comparing social media websites with TV or tomorrows newspaper as sources of breaking news, then Facebook and Twitter may win because they can update you anywhere you are, even if travelling.

But as a news consumer, you can stay updated by identifying a news website at that you can also follow on social media for updates.

Fascinating Stories Around the globe You Should Know in March 2107


The world is filled with fascination stories. Every day million of events happen around the world. It would be hard to know  what’s going around our world without the media. Our world is interconnected luckily because of the web You can now find out whatever is happening  across the world instantly. One of the sites you can depend on to inform you on time is Eastern daily . On this website, you can get the latest news. You can access both international and local news. If you are wondering what’s happening around the world right now, then the rest of the article talks about  some of the fascinating news happening across the world.  It is hoped that the article will be enjoyable.

Happiness Index Released

The world happiness index has been unveiled. The report was released to coincide with the world happiness day on march 20th. The happiest nation in the world according to the report is Norway. Denmark and Iceland are the second and third happiest countries. The report was compiled after interviewing over 1000 people per country in  150 countries. Some of the questions asked touched on the economy, quality of life, economy etc. War torn countries came last in the in the index. The least happy country to live in right now is the Central African Republic. A surprising thing was that Syria was not last despite being the country that is affected most by war. Watch this video at and know more about news artcles.

World Teacher Prize

The global teacher prize was won by Maggie MacDonnel MacDonnel comes from a remote Canadian village. The Canadian Prime minister Mr. Justin Trudeau Congratulated her. Because of fighting the problem of youth suicides in her community, Mrs. MacDonnel was feted.

Uber President Resigns

Uber, the leading taxi app has announced the resignation of its president Jeff Jones. Because of the serious controversies facing the company, Jones resigned from his post after 6 months in charge. Uber is dealing with sexual and sexism allegations. Senior executives at the Taxi company were very disappointed by his departure.

Manage Proposal At Concert

The world renown singer Adele took her global tour to Australia over the weekend. A totally unexpected moment occurred at the concert where  a man named Wade proposed to his partner Chris. When Adele invited the guys on stage, she was not aware of what would happen next. The  audience was stunned when Wade Kneeled down to Pop the question The couple were later congratulated by Adele. As demonstrated above, there are plenty of exciting news on Eastern daily at

The team works hard to report the most interesting news happening locally an internationally. Subscribe to the Eastern daily news at if you wish to see the latest news.

How News Connects the World


News can make a huge difference in your life, even though reading and watching news only requires a few minutes in your day. You get to learn about the current events, correct past mistakes, and plan for the future. Many people rely on news to be fed with the current things that are going on in the world. However, you should learn to differentiate a journalist’s opinion from the actual news.

Collecting and delivering news in the past was harder than it is today. Reporters had to write or take pictures of the story before mailing them back to the newsroom. Once they reach here, they would be packaged correctly and be delivered as news to the audience. This process not only involved a lot of work, but could also bring about variations of the actual event that occurred. Know more about news articles at

With satellite technology, live broadcasting arrived and pictures and videos could be broadcasted live from the source. With time, the source of the news was no longer newsrooms only, but also websites, blogs, and social media. These modes of telling news stories have made news more widespread and easily available.

Modern media houses at this website have created several television shows for their reporters where they allow them to analyze news and add their own opinions. This sounds like a good idea at first, however, it can cause controversy when the reporter gives a false account or interpretation. Correcting wrong information is very difficult once it has reached the audience. This calls for a careful evaluation of your news sources. It is important to choose credible news sources and not those known to provide biased information.

News connects the world, only when it is reported the right way. News that relies on facts normally brings about positive arguments among people. This will help them interact with others in the right manner. Distorted news, on the other hand, can only lead to more problems and spark bitter arguments. Therefore, you need to select a news medium that only deals with facts and not just airing points just to grasp people’s attention.

News is a very important aspect of today’s life, only when it is provided from reliable sources. Reading news at is always important since you get to learn many things on a daily basis as well as get points of conversation between you and your friends and colleagues. The conversations that you make from news stories enables you to know people who think like you hence you can develop healthy relationships.

Here’s Why the Eastern Daily News Site is so Popular


The world of information technology is dynamic. Creative innovations are coming up daily. The internet has made many things a possibility today. A number of things can be done online. This includes things such a business, entertainment and staying in touch. In the older days, people had to tune into their radios or favorite TV stations to catch the latest news, or even hear about some interesting stories. When it came to sports, you either had to read about on a magazine, watch TV or listen news on radio. The Eastern Daily News site is great because it gives people so much variety on a single online platform. Below are some of the advantages of this news site.

It Offers Interesting News Articles

Everyone loves interesting news, on this site you can sure to find sensational content that is relevant to the times. It is impossible to keep users coming for more if there is nothing people can discuss or want to share with a friend. This news site is a great place if you are looking for news stories and articles that are captivating. Here you will never be bored to death, nor will you feel like you wasted you data bundles downloading bogus stuff from the site. Learn more about newspaper articles at

Versatile Stories

These varieties of stories on this site make it very popular. It has a wide range of stories meaning that anyone who visits the news site is able to find something in a topic that will catch their attention. For those who love sports, you will definitely find sports news. For those who love news about finance, business, and matters related to the economy you do not have to look anywhere else. This is a good place to learn about some financial and economic news if that interests you. Moreover, if you enjoy keeping in tune with what is going on in crime and criminal activity then this is the place for you. This site simply gives you the chance of learning many interesting things. There are also other news categories such as weather and education, which might be of interest to some. Certainly, the Eastern Daily is a great place to find out about pretty much anything you can think about.

High Quality Site

In terms of quality, the site is quite high as far as standards go. The Eastern daily news is always freshly edited and it’s quality is quite high, with regards to the editorial work done. Moreover, the site is very intuitive and perfectly organized for users. This makes it simpler to navigate through the site. Unlike other news sites where things might be all jumbled up, the Eastern Daily simply stands out in efficiency.